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BongaCams is a free live sex cam chat created as a unique communication field for men and women who like to spend their free time qualitatively and pleasantly. Here visitors can communicate with the site’s models on candid topics and ask them to do something special for themselves. Financial incentives (tips) are welcomed, and it will be necessary to give money for the sake of dissolute exclusivity in some private modes.


Bongacams Chat

After proofing itself to being the excellent adult camming website by bagging several awards last year, Bongacams has taken over the camming industry by a storm. Established in 2012, this site has caught off and exceeded old Cam-chat giants like LiveJasmin and Flirt4free. It is now competing with Chaturbate.

Bongacams is a free to use adult Webcam site offering a range of real live adult chat shows performed by star models featuring camgirls, camboys and transgender. With over 1000 active Cam members and thousands of live cams at a single time, the site offers a large variety of shows.

However, what has set this site to its own level, is that registering on Bongacams as a member is totally free. You will be given a free membership where you will be able to access free sex chat with models. As if that is not enough, you are given absolutely 10 free tokens on signing up with email.

You can also change your membership to premium levels which include gold, platinum and unlimited. The free memberships will set your experience to a new level as you will be able to enter into private or group chat with the Cam girls.
To be a gold member, you will be required to buy any number of tokens and from there you will stay at gold level forever despite you lacking tokens.

To enter platinum level, you will be required to spend only 500 euros and you will automatically be elevated to platinum status where you will be able to access VIP shows that lasts up to 30 minutes!! To be an unlimited member you will be required to spend 1500 euros and there you will be able to access all type of shows.

At Bongacams, you can meet Cam girls through a variety of chat rooms. To help you understand this we will explain different chat sessions and how you will be able to meet models of your choice. There are five chat shows.

At first glance, it may seem that live chat BongaCams is practically no different from most known analogs, but it is not. It is enough to try once to feel the difference in a positive way. Let’s talk about the most interesting features in detail.

  • FTP-based system: The most popular webcam chats offer quite expensive compulsory services. For example, we’re talking about per minute private mode pricing. This sweeps away most of the potential customers.Most popular webcams chat rooms offer quite expensive compulsory services. For example, mandatory per minute private pricing. BongaCams sex cam chat is a place where you can go to watch on the screen of your monitor a luxurious sex show at any convenient moment even without registration.Did you like the public show? Give the model as much as you think is necessary as gratitude. This is the basis.
  • Minimum restrictions, maximum nudity and debauchery for free: Most other sites have severe restrictions on content in free chat. For example, the model can only show a bare chest, and even it is not always there. “It’s boring waste of time” –BongaCams adult cams fan will say.Public rooms’ policy here has almost no restrictions on content. And models can do almost everything they want to their admirers. For example, even if you go to the site without registration (and any payments), you can find to a cheeky group sex party.The only explicit restriction declared by creators of Bonga Cams live sex chat is the strictest ban on broadcasting a video recorded by a model beforehand. BongaCams is a place of live contact only!
  • Lots of models for all tastes: BongaCams is not only about the lack of restrictions on content in the public access, as mentioned above. It would seem that few people will want to shake naked in front of camera without a guarantee of payment.But this site has gathered everyone who is ready to please you with games and nudity in any case. Here you can always find funky and depraved models for every taste, anytime, 24/7. A lot of models that catch the genuine buzz from the game to the big audience: this stuff is totally about the BongaCams.And if you give at least 5 minutes for the first available free web cams to watch, you will quickly see this striking difference between Bonga Cams and other sites where sits the absolute minimum of models. And the users’ masses there are almost fighting for the attention of each more or less adequate and cute girl.Here, rather beautiful models crave the attention of a good client, with whom they can go to one wave and have a good time.
  • High technical level: A qualitative and comfortable experience for each user is hardly a defining not a command for the site team. Therefore, you can rely on high quality picture and sound without unnecessary brakes here.Do not try to “see”, be next to the model in one room!
  • To keep up with the times: A number of old webcams chats have won many years ago a name and a stable audience. They are all well: there are girls, support. The user has something to do and get high.But the development of these resources stands on the ground for 10 years and more. Developers follow the site’s model chosen long time ago, which brings money every day, and they do not try to introduce something new. In fact, this is the way of pumping out the money of their project, not to provide quality service for people. And whoever does not want to grow together with the world around, sooner or later will be lost to oblivion.Bonga Chat do not hesitate to develop, improve and try new things, fully relying on the modern needs and vagaries of users. Mobile users get unique experience here in any convenient place without restrictions, and the interface as a whole is constantly becoming more convenient, as long as someone on the other sites are still showing almost 40x60 avatars of models as a previews.
  • It’s easy to go Premium: Premium status opens a lot of additional nice features in webcam chat rooms. But usually this is an expensive pleasure with a monthly fee for the wealthiest users.Here you can become Premium user once and for all. You just need to spend some money for tokens (internal site’s currency). You even can buy only one token to go Premium, actually.
  • Qualitative technical support: Good webcam chat does not happen without quality technical support. There are no problems with this item, and even the most inexperienced user will be able to understand any question. The site is also equipped with a detailed section of frequently asked questions.
  • Maximum in the details: If you buy tokens, you have an absolute maximum of payment options. If you do not know English, there is almost certainly an interface adaptation for your native language on the site. And this scrupulous approach concerns every section and every element of the site.

BongaCams sex chat for dating with girls

Discover new horizons of communication with webcam dating. Here are lots of luxury girls who initially happy to spend time with you and talk. And they will certainly pay attention to your most hidden secrets and interests.

BongaCams models work on the principle of full openness with the client. There are no restrictions in the topics, but here each visitor will feel his own island of coziness. You can feel yourself here like at home with a girl you already know, it seems, for a long time.

To get know local webcam models, you just need to go to their public rooms and say hello into chat. If you want more, you can invite a girl to a private chat. He is also completely hidden from outsiders, but more about this later.

And most importantly, Bonga webcams girls are an array of tigresses for all tastes. Girls from all over the world work here. And they are united by only one purpose, to send you to paradise.

Try sex cams dating and feel it!

Bongacams free sex chat

Bongacams free sex chat is a unique place where beauties are debauched for an occasional audience. You go to the site, choose a room and enjoy the way a naked blonde practically from the magazine cover fucks herself with a huge dildo without embarrassment.

Bongacams free chat

Bongacams free chat

Bongacams offers no limits to guest presence. You don’t need to register here and you may stay at free live chat as much as you want. The only thing, you cannot communicate with models, just see the others ask to her.

The problem here is in trolls is live sex chat, who spends time with empty comments. Simple registration needed to filter users. This allows you to maintain an adequate level of communication on the site between all the participants in the process.

Try free cams Bongacams at first as a guest and then register to get maximum pleasure.

Registration at Bongacams video chat

Bongacams register procedure needed for only one simple reason. This is the simple step to sort everyone, who came here to play the fool, not to get high-quality rest. Therefore, guests can’t write anything to chat.

Bongacams register

Bongacams register

After simple registration you will be able not to watch live sex cams, but also chat with girls. A good excuse to politely ask the girl to do something special for you, is not it? So you stop being a passive observer of other people’s fantasies after registration.

How to register at sex cams chat?

It’s truly simple thing. At first, you need to go to the mail page.

Then watch over the cam girls previews to find a big green “JOIN NOW FOR FREE” button at the top right corner of the page. Click on it.

You’ll see gaps to fill in a pop-up window. Choose your personal nickname for live sex chatting and the password, click accept.

Done! Now you may use all the features of registered user. You also can put your e-mail address into window above the interface to receive notifications from the site and be able to recover the password, but this is not necessary step.

Communication with webcam models in live chat

Now you’re standard user and you want to chat with cam girls. What do you need to do first? Choose the model you like, of course! Then click on her preview on main page and go to her public room.

All the webcam models initially work within a public chat. The model can be called in private chat, and she will be unavailable. But all models in public rooms are displayed right away for you.

Now you are on the page of one of the webcams girl. On the left is a live webcast; on the right is a general chat room. Find the row called “Type a message here…” and introduce yourself, greet her.

It is necessary to catch attention of live sex girls. Here are lots of other users at the same time and she needs to pay attention to all at once. But the way to attract attention exists.

Live sex models appreciate a compliment from you and a tip. Recharge your account with tokens to send a tip and find the «send tip” button under the broadcast.

So you can ask for something to do for you. And if you want something more, exclusive and unforgettable webcams sex, invite the model you like to a paid private chat.

Private porn chats at Bongacams

Premium sex chat is a great way to establish maximum contact with the chosen model and ask her to do the most intimate things. This kind of webcam rooms created to separate the model from other users. She’ll talk only with you.

But this is a paid sex cams function, and you’ll spend 30 tokens per minute to stay private. You can also ask the model to go to a cheaper group chat, where she will keep in touch at the same time with several people (but not dozens of people from the public chat room). Notice that other people can watch your private show as spectators in private chat.

What if you want to completely shield yourself from prying eyes? You need to choose full private sex chat function. But it costs more. But you’ll get what you couldn’t even dream about.

To invite the girl into private live sex room, you need to go to girl in a free room (at the moment). Then find “private chat” button under the broadcast, press on it. Choose the mode you like (“private chat” or “full private chat”) and press “start” button.

After the girl accepts your request, you can start to get pleasure at Bongacams private sex chat.

Mobile sex chat

Bongacams offers full feature set for mobile porn chat users. Many others do not pay due attention to this issue. But Bongacams builds mobile direction constantly. How to watch mobile sex cams here?

It is truly simple. You just need to go to mobile browser and type there the standard address of the site by analogy with the PC version. Wait for a while and you can browse the site in no-limit mode.

Mobile cams and full site’s interface totally adapted for all smartphones, so you can get pleasure to the full in any convenient place.

  • Bongacams on Android: There’s no need in mobile apps, because the browser version of the site is ideal for any Android smartphone.
  • Bongacams on iOS: The same thing about iPhones, just use the browser without brakes and other problems!

How to choose girl in sex chat

You came to Bongacams with the sole purpose of having a good time. You can see here lots of live cams girls for all tastes, but you do not look for a specific model. You just have some general preferences. What you need to do to find a suitable girl?

All the available at the moment webcam girls are on the main page. Turn the page with previews to make a quick choice. Here you can sort them by general preferences: females, males, couples, transsexuals etc.

If you don’t find anything appropriate here, you can use more complicated tools of search. First of all, have you any specific tastes or themes? Meet girls you need in a left side of the screen. Here is the list of main tags. Choose the one you like and press on it to show the list of corresponding live streams available at the moment.

Need more accuracy? The most beautiful live girls for you can be found by search. Find “Search” button at the page top and press on it. You will see a large drop-down box.

Here you can find the specific girl by nickname, or sort live cams by some physical parameters:

  • Gender (male, female, trans, couples);
  • Model’s orientation (straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual);
  • Age;
  • Hair color (blonde, redhead, brunette);
  • Eye color;
  • Ethnicity type (Asian, ebony, white/Caucasian etc);
  • Height (tall, average or small);
  • Body type (thin, average, athletic, a few extra pounds, big & tall/BBW);
  • Breast size (small, medium, large, huge);
  • Butt size (small, medium, big).

Also you can make a choice by:

  • Model section (online, offline, video gallery, new models);
  • Audio availability (with or without audio);
  • Cam quality (HD or standard);
  • Available languages for chatting;
  • Specific tags and preferences.

All data is tied to completed model questionnaires.

Types of chats at Bongacams

In principle, you can have fun in any type of chat room on this site. This applies to free presence. But each type of site has its own characteristics. Choose your enjoyment, based on the positive and negative aspects of each chat option.

  • Free sex chat: Free sex rooms are a way to chat with models and see incredible sex shows for free. You just need to go to the site and choose the room; then you may stay there and watch. After registration, you also be able to talk with model in general chat and ask her something to do for you.You can thank model by tips. Many models choose exactly this model of work, unlike other sites, where everyone tries to lure the user into private at first.The downside: it is hard to model to notice your voice in the crowd. Here you cannot retire only with her and your fantasies.
  • Group sex chat: Some users (two, three, four etc) can connect together to a group chat with only one model. You eliminate the biggest part of people who don’t ready to pay for model’s time, but there’s also some other users and the model is compelled to devote time to all men in group. Some users connected to one group chat do not see each other.This is the cheapest way to chat with loved model normally.
  • Private sex chat: If you need full model’s attention, you may ask her to go to a private chat with you. Here you the only one who can talk to her and offer your own sex wishes. But this function is more expensive than group chat.If you confirm the standard private chat, others can see you without chat access. So if you want to get pleasure totally one on one, you need to choose full private chat function which is even more expensive.
  • Spy mode: For a small fee, you can join standard private chat rooms. You can only watch what is happening, but do not write to the chat. But remember that the most interesting things and games are in private chats and you can see if for a really small fee

Private chat recordings

Each user can get webcam sex record of own private chat session. It available at the site and you can watch it every time you want. Just go there and open it.

Also private live video can be recorded and posted by model to watch by other users. They need to spend some tokens to open access to videos. After that, they get full access to the chosen file.

Each private live video serves as a business card for the model. It is an instrument to user who can watch the video and make his choice in favor to this girl (to go with her into private chat). However, here at Bongacams you will be able to learn a lot about the model and its capabilities in a free chat.

Lots of recorded videos you can find at webcam sex tube.

Free chat

At free chat session, any member will be able to view a model. Models will take over most part of the show as they will be advertising there prices. Penetration and full nudity are however allowed.

Voyeur Chat or “Spy”

This is the most popular feature where a Cam girl can switch to this form at any time she wishes. At this mode, you will pay only 7 tokens per minute as you will also allowed to watch other members private show with the model. You will however be restricted from talking and allied to watch the live performance from the Cam girls.

Private chat

At this type of Chat, you will have a humble personal time and one on one chat with the Cam girls. This site is split Cam friendly and hence you can click on set private chat on left panel side of the website and you will enter this show. Spies will be able to pay 7 tokens per minute.
To enter private chat is pretty simple. You will log in to you account and click the $$$ Webcam Chat symbol on left side of your screen and there you will be ushered in.

Group chat

From three members and above, the model can set this type of chat. Each member will pay 15 tokens per minute. The funny part is that the model will share his attention to the all members present equally. Despite all members leaving the chatroom, the model will continue performing till the last person.

VIP shows

At VIP show, the Cam girl performance which include masturbation, penetration, nudity, sexual activity among many others shows that are live performed for between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
At this mode of chat, models are restricted from using split Cam and thus you will watch the performance to your maximum satisfaction.

With all the above types of chat session, you will be able to access thousands of live sex cam performance at the Bongacams at a really fair price. You can buy the tokens by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or SMS.


Do not lose the chance to have fun in one of the most vivid webcam chat of the whole Internet, where hundreds of models available online every time of day are always welcome to you. The opportunities that the site provides are colossal in comparison to other webcam chats. Perhaps, after visiting Bongacams the other webcam sites will seem boring to you.

So have fun to the full here!